mapThis year, we have artists appearing across 3 stages over the 2 day festival. Our main stage, The Gypsy Camp, will feature the best in Latvian rock and other international artists while the always cozy Acropolis Stage will have Jam sessions and even a little classical taste. Then there’s our big indoor stage at Fontaine Palace which will feature metal and hard rock on both nights.

The Fontaine FireBar and Fontaine PrisonBar will also be open throughout the festival providing some great chill-out areas and a chance for a relaxed beverage! If you need to eat, we have the excellent Gypsy Camp Restaurant or you can visit the House Of Food with it’s comprehensive menu of luxury fast food and more fancy fare. Fontaine Delisnack and other food stalls will also be open during the festivities.

For more information about each venue, please click the links below.

Fontaine Live Venues

• Gypsy Camp …about this venue
• Fontaine Palace …about this venue
• Acropolis Stage …about this venue
• Fontaine Prison Bar …about this venue

Restaurants & Take-Outs

• Gypsy Camp Restaurant …menu
• House Of Food …menu
• Fontaine Delisnack …menu

Festival Chill-Outs

• Daddy’s …about this venue
• Fontaine FireBar …about this venue
• The Basement Bar (situated below the Fontaine Palace concert area)