The Big Bluff

big bluff
The Big Bluff (lv/uk – Garage Rockabilly)
Rock’n’roll and blues are bursting from the Latvian trio, which leans on the legacy of giants such as Elvis and Dylan, while at the same time remaining aware of the fact that a convincing live performance is the main asset of such performers. The expressive and self-sacrificing voice of lead singer Ilja invokes the great vocalists of the sixties and seventies, who were able to pour their souls out over the microphone.

Their debut album was nominated for best Latvian rock album in 2014, and the band sticks to the recipe of continuous touring. Jump into a Cadillac, put on your sunglasses and let the tires screech on the hot asphalt! The world of wild rock’n’roll is just around the corner!


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