Night Fair in The Village

The Village 2016
Everybody is invited to come to our Night Fair in The Village as part of our festivities for Fontaine Rock Festival (Rock Dat Boat) on 12th and 13th. This is not only open to festival goers but to anyone that wants to come down, drink a beer, check out our merchandise stalls or take part in the various activities just outside the festival itself. Read more about what’s on offer …here

So gather up your family and spend a beautiful day together. Visit us at the fair and for those who will want to prolong their stay, they will have the option join the festival that’s right beside them by buying our super low priced 1 or 2 day tickets. More ticket information can be found …here

Opening hours:
Aug 12th 2016: 5pm to 3am (approx. ending time)
Aug 13th 2016: 2pm to 3am (approx. ending time)

The Village will be situated on Friča Brīvzemnieka Street just behind the Gypsy Camp which runs from Fontaine Royal Hotel where you’ll find both Fontaine PrisonBar and Daddy’s Bar (please check the map below). In The Village, you’ll find various stalls and activities available throughout the festival.

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