Louie Fontaine & His Fabulous Beat Machine

beat machine
Louie Fontaine & His Fabulous Beat Machine (lv – Beats)
+ Special Guests

3 Daily Shows of 30 min
Fri: 21.30, 23.15, 03.00
Sat: 17.00, 21.00, 00.30

Built by Louie Fontaine between 1997 and becoming fully operational in 1999, the first prototype was made out of plumming pipes with big arms attached, hitting barrels and other noisy home made instruments. Working in his fathers factory, watching the big air run press machines in line-work gave Louie the idea of using air pressure as the energy source.

Louie Fontaine has kept perhaps his biggest invention, locked up in his studio for a couple of years now but after many requests from fans and friends, Mr. Fontaine has decided to play it once again and unleash the power the Beat Machine onto an unsuspecting world.

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