Fontaine Rock Festival Returns

29.30/31 July

Fontaine Rock Festival

Here To Stay

Returns in 2022

29,30,31 July took a break after 10 years in 2017 due to founder Louie Fontaine moving to United States to play music and run his new club in New Orleans.

Was supposed to reopen back in 2020, but the Corona did not allow it.

The festival always focused on great live bands from around the globe, and it stays as the main policy. Great rocking Bands don’t matter if they Famous or no, with great sound and light.

The Festival has hosted international bands such as Bloodhound Gang, Jimmy Cliff, Lance Lopez, Sham 69, Ten Years After, Jesus Volt and many more

Fontaine Festival was located in, Liepaja all the 10 years, but now moved to Pavilosta Fontaine City, where Louie Fontaine has constructed a new entertainment paradise in the old brewery which has concerts all summer and restaurant hotel all year.

A city festival is limited as it was in Liepaja for 10 years, since you can’t camp and stay there, so therefore the decision to move it to Pavilosta.

Camp spot will be free of charge toilets showers are provided and small kitchen.

The festival will have 3 stages, the river stage is the main, and the castle stage located in the old basement of the factory with 8 meter high ceiling and the garage stage with upcoming bands.

Fontaine City has a lake Frog lake and 400 meters of river you can swim there, and arrive by boat as well in the Fontaine City port. Canoes and Subs are for rent as well And fontaine River beach will serve you well on a hang over.

There will be around 30 bands preforming during the 3 days

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