Fontaine Festival Activities

The 10 year anniversary of Fontaine Festival is nearly here. Get your ticket and come join us for the biggest party in town this weekend!

The bands are booked (see Artist Profiles), the Program is ready and we’re putting the finishing touches to the stages and venues around the Fontaine Rock Festival 2015. The Gypsy Camp and Acropolis venues have been revamped and Fontaine Palace remains one of the best clubs to catch some music in. Here’s around up of other activities and useful information concerning upcoming weekend.

The Weather
All the indications are that it will be hot, hot, hot and for now, we have absolutely no forecast rain for the 2 days. We haven’t always been the luckiest with the weather so let’s go ahead and say the 10 year anniversary is going to be a beauty!

The Village
The Village will be situated on Friča Brīvzemnieka Street just behind the Gypsy Camp which runs from Fontaine Royal Hotel where you’ll find both the FireBar & House Of Food restaurant. In The Village, you’ll find various stalls and activities available throughout the festival. We’ll have the Official Festival Merchandise Shop where you’ll be able to buy your festival T-shirts, the super designs of Tarantula Shop will have their own stall, our Art Tent will make it’s usual appearence and the Fobo Foto Booth will be there courtesy of Jameson.

Other Activities
As mentioned a couple of days ago, the Baltic Catapult will be with us again this year. You’ll find it situated on the promenade, right outside Fontaine Royal Hotel. We expect it to be running throughout the weekend and it will be manned by the excellent Catapult staff who will get you harnessed and up in the air.

Food & Drink
You’ll find your thirst quenched and your hunger filled at our numerous food and drink outlets around the festival complex.

• Restaurants & Take-Outs
• Gypsy Camp Restaurant …menu
• House Of Food …menu
• Fontaine Delisnack …menu

• Festival Chill-Outs
• Fontaine FireBar …about this venue
• The Basement Bar (situated below the Fontaine Palace concert area)

Don’t forget that Camping will be in front of Fontaine Royal Hotel this year. There’s plenty of grass there to pitch your tents but please be aware that you will be leaving your belongings at your own risk as we have no dedicated security for this area.

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