Fontaine In Hell 2006

Fontaine Festival Flyer

Fontaine Festival 2006 – Fontaine In Hell
The Fontaine Rock Festival was born in 2006 and with it, came 1,800 visitors. It took place in the port city of Liepaja, Latvia and was held at the famous rock club, Fontaine Palace. The organizer of the event was Louie Fontaine, a “rock” man, in the very best sense of the tradition.


2006 festival line-up:

Pienvedeja Piedzivojumi (Riga) | Hobos (Riga) | Inokentijs Marpls (Riga) | The Briefing (Liepaja) | SoundArcade (Riga)

Vic Anselmo (Riga) | Goran Gora | PX Band (EE) | P.O POX (Fr) | Blossoms (Fin) | Karyer (Liepaja) | Mundane (Riga) | Adams Family (Riga) | DJ Uldis Rudaks | Almost Naked, Almost Yours | Brainers (Lithuania) | Hospitalu Iela (Riga) | Barrel (Skrunda) | U.K. (Riga) | Indygo (Riga) | ABBA Band (Liepaja) | DJ Toms Krevins.

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