Ozols (lv – Hip Hop) Girts Rozentals aka Ozols is most definitely one of the most known hip-hop/rap artists in Latvia right now. He has been on Latvian hip-hop music scene since the early 2000s and having released 4 studio albums as well as receiving 3 annual Latvian music record … (…read more)

Lara Snow

Lara Snow (isr – indie/electro) From the streets of Tel Aviv comes the dynamic duo that is Lara Snow. Lara is one of the brightest rising stars of Israel. She mixes a variety of different genres but mainly electro pop. Her single I Like Snow has been compared to artists … (…read more)

Gregory Boyd Band

Gregory Boyd Band (us/lv – Groove/Gumbo/Steel Drums) Who is Gregory Boyd? Well quite simply he Rocks The Steel Drums. Blending the sound of Steel Drums with a Blues/Soul vocal to make very something special. Coming from Northern and Southern USA Traditions he’s related to Blues Legend Muddy Waters and with … (…read more)

Z Quest

Z Quest (isr – Electro) Z Quest are an Indie Electro- Rock Duo composed of Galor Taite and Adir Benezra, two music producers, vocalists and multi-instrumental musicians currently based in the north valley of Israel. Over the past two years, they have self produced and recorded their debut album “Ashes … (…read more)

Howling Owl

News: Unfortunately, Howling Owl have had to postpone at the last minute. Howling Owl (lv/uk – Indie/Jazz) Howling Owl is an international project led by Latvian singer Elīna Vēbere and a musician from Serbia, Lav Kovač. The band creates a unique sound and have highly praised musical performance. The band’s … (…read more)


Helligators (it – rock) Helligators were formed in 2009 in Rome and have released two studio album called “Against All Odds” (2009) and “Road Roller Machine” (2015). Over the years, the band have toured extensively around Europe and have already appeared at Fontaine Palace in previous years, wowing the crowd … (…read more)