Skyforger (lv – Pagan Metal) Winners of both Best Rock album at Latvian Music Awards 2010 and Best Rock & Metal album at Latvian Music Awards “Golden Microphone” 2015 Skyforger bring the Old Latvian spirit to the world stage. The band has played in various world class festivals in the … (…read more)

Jauno Jāņu Orķestris

Jauno Jāņu Orķestris (lv – Ethnorock) Jauno Jāņu Orķestris (New Midsummer’s Night Orchestra) were founded on Midsummer’s eve in 2012. Their music channels solstice energy at all times of the year and leads one into mythical reality of Latvian folk songs. The seven piece band that lead you into a … (…read more)


Iļģi (lv – Folk) The originator of Latvian postfolk is in its prime. In the past six years Iļģi have released four albums, toured the United States coast to coast, and played at festivals in Europe, Russia, Malaysia, and at home in Latvia. International acclaim reached new heights in 2006 … (…read more)

Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi

Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi (lv – Alt Rock) Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi are a Latvian rock band from Sabile founded in 1994. They have been at the forefront of Latvian alternative rock scene for their entire careers and last year the band released their double album “Tā mēs Dzīvojam” consisting of new songs coupled … (…read more)